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“I want to run for a state FFA office, but I just don’t know where to start.”

Sound familiar? Well, it can’t get much easier than this…simply explore this page to find the resources that will assist you in your decision to run for state office.  Consider yourself CHALLENGED to find out more about this exciting opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I find information about current state officers?
A: Click here for biographies of the state officer team.


Exactly what does a state officer do, anyway?

A: Just as a local chapter needs an officer team to lead its members, the NJ State FFA Association requires a team of leaders to develop activities for FFA members from across the entire state.  State officers have the opportunity to make chapter visitations, attend leadership conferences and public speaking workshops, run the state FFA convention, and much more!


Who can run for state office?

A: Anyone who has completed two years of agricultural education, developed a Supervised Agricultural Experience program, and received the State FFA Degree is eligible to apply for a state office.


Why should I consider running for state office?

A: Does the phrase “opportunity of a lifetime” carry any meaning for you?!  Being a state officer will further enhance your leadership, public speaking, and interpersonal skills—assets that are essential in any career field!  In addition, you will be able to TRAVEL across the country (and maybe the world!), EARN scholarships, make CONTACTS with important stakeholders, and HAVE FUN while doing it!


What does it take to be a state officer?

A: In order to be a successful state officer, you should possess a cooperative attitude, a willingness to help others, an aspiration to be the best you can be, dedication to serve FFA members, determination, and most importantly…commitment.


Just how big is this commitment?

A: Being a state officer is a big commitment that will require a lot of your time.  However, there’s another side of the coin too.  The benefits gained by this one-of-a-kind experience will prove to be incredibly valuable, no matter which career path you choose to embark upon.


I am planning to go to college.  Can I still run for state office?

A: Certainly!  In fact, most state officers attend college while serving on the state association. Now, obviously it’s not logical to go to college in California and be a state officer in New Jersey. But there are plenty of outstanding colleges in the area that would still enable you to be a state officer.   If you absolutely want to attend a college that is farther away, you still don’t have to sacrifice your education to run for state office!  Consider attending a community college while serving on the association, then transferring your credits to a four-year college afterwards. Bonus: your state officer skills can help you transfer into an even better educational institution!


How are the state officers selected?

A: A new state officer team is elected each year at the NJ state FFA convention.  Candidates go through an intensive interview process conducted by the state nominating committee, which is comprised of NJ FFA members.  Using information gathered from the interviews, the nominating committee puts together the slate of officers.  The slate is then presented at the final convention session and the convention delegates, representing every chapter in the state, vote on it officially.


Count me in!  I want to be a state officer…now what do I do?

A: You can start by filling out an application, which may be obtained by clicking here. While you're at it, check out the state officer candidate handbook, which contains information that is necessary in order to serve the NJ State FFA Association.


I’m still not sure if state office is the right choice for me.  Who can I speak with to learn more?

A:  If the leadership development, recognition, and career skills aren’t quite enough to entice you, talk with members of the state food, agriculture and natural resources education staff to learn more about being a state officer.  You should also talk to your parents about your goals for the future, and how being a state officer can fit into those plans.  Consider contacting a past state officer to gain insight from yet another perspective.