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Career Development Events provide students with an opportunity to apply skills learned in their agriculture, food and natural resource classes in a competitive setting. These events are held throughout the year and test student skills in specific occupational areas. Each event targets certain skills in various segments of the agricultural industry. Students compete individually in most events, and are ranked individually and in teams. The full list of New Jersey FFA Career Development Events can be found here

2011 Agriscience Fair
2011 Dairy Judging
2011 Livestock Judging
2011 Agricultural Mechanics
2011 Agricultural Sales
2011 Environmental/Natural Resources
2011 Floriculture
2011 Nursery Landscape
2011 Agronomy
2011 Farm Business Management
2011 Forestry
2011 Meat Evaluation
2011 Horticultural Exposition
2011 Floral Design
2010 Fruits and Vegetables
2010 Dairy Judging
2010 Turf Management
2010 Land Judging
2010 Poultry Evaluation
2010 Dairy Handlers'
2010 Horse Evaluation

The New Jersey FFA Association is a resource and support organization that does not select, control or supervise local chapter or individual member activities except as expressly provided for in the state FFA constitution, bylaws or policies.