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New Jersey Job Interview Career Development Event

Addendum to National Rules for 2001-2005
In Cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Education

1.  The New Jersey Job Interview CDE will mirror the national event, with the exception of two sections-

  1. Telephone interview will not be conducted.
  2. A second interview will not be conducted.

The event will consist of the following parts:

  1. Cover Letter - 100 points - send 10 copies to the state office by April 8
    1. Letters should be addressed to the attention of:
      Mr. Joe Smith
      All Purpose Agricultural Estate
      523 Apple Bloom Road
      Anytown, NJ 01234

    Resume - 150 points - send 10 copies of Resume, and 10 copies of each letter of reference (3) to the state office by April 8
    Application - 50 points - Students will be given 15 minutes to complete a standard job application the day of the event.
    Personal Interview - 450 points - Students will be interviewed by a panel of judges; one judge will serve as the interviewer (Mr. Joe Smith) and the remaining judges will observe the interview. The interview will last 10 minutes.
    Follow Up Letter - 100 points - Students will be given 15 minutes to complete a follow up letter, immediately after their personal interview. Standard unlined 8½ x 11" white paper will be provided.

  2. TOTAL POINTS = 850

    NOTE: Students are permitted to bring copies of their cover letters and resumes to use as references during the application and interview portions of the event ONLY. NO references may be used during the follow-up letter segment of the event, except a dictionary provided by the event coordinator.

  3. Scheduling Process

    1. Participants shall report to the designated room PROMPTLY. Each participant will draw a time slot (see "b" below). All students will then complete the application portion of the event simultaneously in the designated holding room.
    2. Students will draw time slots from an envelope at random. This time slot will indicate the starting time of the student's personal interview, which will be held in the designated interview room. Immediately following the completion of the personal interview, the student will return to the designated holding room to begin his/her follow up letter.

    NOTE: Because each participant will have a time slot, he/she will be permitted to leave the CDE area upon completion of the application portion of the event. Students must RETURN PROMPTLY at the designated time for their personal interview.

    *All materials for this CDE should be submitted by April 8 in order to compete at the State FFA Convention. No registration form is needed for Job Interview. Contest limited to 1 contestant per chapter. NO observers will be permitted to watch any portions of the Job Interview CDE at any time.